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Hello everyone Susan. I know its been a while since i really spoken to you guys. But its time to give you guys a proper update on what'll be happening to my content on here and youtube. So let's begin!

Total Pokemon Village: I know a lot of you have been wanting a new episode for a while now. I apologize. But my work keeps me really busy. Even with I am not working my motivation to do the show has been lacking and new ideas haven't been really coming to me. Worry not, i am not cancelling it! It's just when a new episode will be uploaded? I'm not sure myself. It'll just come up when i get the time and get the ideas for the next episode coming.

TEC OC Story: I'm suppose to have one more chapter coming out to end my season 2 arc. I'll hopefully get to get sometime soon. After that another one won't be out for a while.

New Projects?: Well this is where you guys come in. Until TPV comes back i need something else to really do. What kinds of projects should i work on? If you guys wanna see me do certain videos like reviews or something. Post your ideas in the comments below, i'd love to hear from you guys.

Anyways, i think that's pretty much it. So thanks for reading guys. I love you all <3


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My name is Susan.
I'm a 22 year old girl. I have Aspergers Syndrome and ADHD.
I'm in a long distance relationship with :icondarkwolfwavius:
I enjoy many things pokemon.
I mostly do things on youtube.
Also I like to draw, play video games,
listen to music, make videos and many other things.
My top 3 favorite pokemon are Lucario, Delcatty and Meloetta
I also collect pokemon plushies and cards and a few shirts.
I also have a couple Hetalia items.… < my fanfic site

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My entry for TNR contest (real entry)
So I didn't really feel like i did my best with my previous entry. So i made a new drawing, and this is my real entry. I added a bit more effort in with some shading. Hope you like it :iconzutzucrobat55:

Update: I got 3rd place for the contest, i am happy.

     As the crisis in the Fire Nation came to a close, Susan and the remaining students were unaware of the conclusion of the mission. As for Susan herself, her wounds were eventually healed up thanks to a combination of her powers and the other medical heroes in the emergency ward. It took a few hours, but they were able to successfully heal Susan Maria and she was now resting in one of the rooms. But as time passed, her eyes finally opened. As she observed her surroundings, she was shocked as there was an unknown figure sitting in the chair next to her bed. She had long flowing blonde hair, pure blue eyes, and looked to be wearing a dress but the color was obscured by the blinding light of the sun. The figure smiled.
“Rise and shine sleepy head, you were certainly out for a while.” As Susan rose from her bed, a wave of confusion washed over her. Who was this lady? Why was she smiling? But as the questions continued to form in her mind, she got out of the hospital bed and noticed the figure had dissipated. As Susan observed her surroundings, the figure somehow teleported over to the door without her noticing.
“But come on, your boyfriend is waiting for you, alongside your friends…” The figure then dissipated from the room, without another word. Susan, perplexed by this, slowly walked towards the door. She had no idea who that person was, but she didn’t care. Her boyfriend and friends had made it back and were waiting for her on the other side. A smile formed on her face, as she got closer to the door, closer to her goal. She put her left arm on the handle, turned the knob and opened the door. She was hit by a blinding light, likely from the sun, but walked into the light regardless…
When the light dissipated, she was in a different room. It looked like a room in the hospital, but the lights were off and the air was cold. On top of that, her hand that was on the handle was now a stub pointing towards the ceiling. It was shortly after seeing this stub that she realized what was going on, that was a dream…

(Susan's POV)

I lowered my arm after coming to this realization, and started to rise from my hospital bed. I then turned my head to the side and noticed a black-haired man in a lab coat sitting in a chair nearby. “Do not be alarmed young lady. It is me, your family doctor.”
My eyes widened after hearing that. “Dr. Joseph Mary!” I shouted. I was confused that my own doctor was here, in another nation.
“But why are you here?” I asked with concern.
Joseph shook his head. “Calm down, Ms. Maria. Now, let me answer your question. The reason I am here is because I was notified by a certain group of individuals that my services would be required. Sure enough, my services were required, as you and Nikki were in critical condition when you got here. Thankfully, I was able to repair your injuries, for the most part...” I turned my head and observed my stump of an arm once again.
“Sorry Susan, but your wound was infected and we could not fix your arm.” I let out a sigh. “Okikurmi…” I said with anger in my voice. But this statement made Joseph’s eyes widen.
“Okikurmi?” “That was the name of the girl who took my arm...” She replied. The room went silent after that. The two didn’t utter a word to one another for several seconds. Until eventually…
“Susan, I am so... S-Sorry…” Joseph said with tears beginning to form. I picked up on this change in emotion and my eyes widened in shock. “Doctor?” Joseph let out a sigh, drying his tears.
“Susan Maria. After this incident, I think you deserve to know the truth…”
“A decade ago, there was a revolution in one of the Nations. There were a lot of casualties. At the time, I was working with a man, a powerful man. He had the power to make even the reincarnations of the Gods bow at his feet, and I was no different. As a doctor, I was instructed to help him with anything in the field of biology, including… Revival.” I clenched my fist, my anger shot up, just like that. “You…” Joseph closed his eyes. “You idiot! You created her, didn’t you?” I shouted. Joseph was silent. He had no response. But this did not quell the rage in my heart, she was in the same room with the man who created Okikurmi. “Why! Why would you do this! How could you do this!”
After a few seconds, Joseph let out another sigh. “You deserve the truth, not my pity. So I will give you just that. I was forced by him to create Agent Okikurmi. I was forced to experiment on two deceased children, I was forced to implant Margaret’s powers into the body of a regular human, and I was forced to implant the gem that made her into a killer. It was disgusting, it was immoral, it was wrong. So once I created the being, I ran away. I abandoned him and his organization, and became a doctor in Illuminatos City. So I could write the wrongs of my past. My first attempt at writing the wrongs was to come up with a plan to kill my former King, and I succeeded. I thought they killed Okikurmi after all this time, but, I was wrong…” After hearing all of that, I was stunned. My own family doctor, someone that helped me and my family, created Okikurmi. It was a lot for me to take in. But instead of responding to that, I had something else in mind.
“Joseph. I heard during my slumber that my allies would be captured soon. I take it that has already happened?” I asked with a cold tone in my voice. Joseph sighed and slowly nodded his head. “You, Ruby, Haruna and Nikki were the only ones in the exchange division to escape the capture.” I lowered my head, saddened.
“As of now, the Sonar Seven are getting ready to implement a plan to go in and rescue them. So maybe it’s best we leave it up to the-“
“She nearly took my life twice!” I shouted, interrupting Joseph. “She took my arm, my team, my friends, and my boyfriend. I refuse to stand here and let Okikurmi run free when she has taken so much from me!”
“But you are not strong enough.” Joseph responded.
“Then make me strong enough! You want to write the wrongs of your past? Then give me the opportunity to defeat her in battle! No matter what it takes, no matter the pain, I want to save them!” I replied.


Joseph and I turned our heads towards the door and heard the sound of the door handle opening. As the door opened up, Ruby and Haruna walked into the room.
“That’s the spirit.” Ruby said with a smile.
“And we’ll be there, by your side.” Haruna replied.
Joseph and I were surprised by this. But I smiled nonetheless. “Thank you.”
Joseph then proceeded to nod his head in response. “Very well. If this is what you want, then I shall allow this.”
I then turned to face Joseph. “Only after I defeat Okikurmi in battle, will I forgive you for what you did.”
Joseph nodded in approval. “I understand completely. Now then.” He then turned to face Ruby. “Ruby, prepare the training. You three will need to be ready if you wish to save your fellow students, let alone fight Okikurmi.”
“Got it, father.” Ruby replied.
“Make that four…”
As the others in the room turned around, they saw Nikki standing before them, a bit bruised but smiling. “Those guys are our classmates and all, no way am I letting them share the same fate as my old crew.”
The others in the room began to smile as well. After that, Joseph got up from his seat and continued the conversation. “So it’s settled. But before that can begin, I must fit my patient with a new arm. That wound may be infected, but I think I have an idea on how to turn those bad odds in my favor. Ruby, come with me. The rest of you, talk among yourselves.” Once Ruby and Joseph left the room Haruna went over and sat next to where i was.
"Susan, Andy and the others made it back earlier today.", she said. I sighed in relief.
"Wait, do they know about what happened?", I asked.
"Sadly they do. They said they wanted to help save them too."
"Hopefully those Sonar Seven people will allow them to help." Suddenly a nurse came into the room.
"Ms. Maria, a lady clamming to be your aunt is here to see you. She's also with some other kids your age."
"They can come in." The nurse asked Haruna and Nikki to leave and they bid farewell to me. After a few minutes Aunt Summer came into the room, surprised about my condition. She hugged me and i started crying, she was the only family i had here with my other family being back home. After talking with me for a bit, Andy and the others soon came into the room, and Federico was with them. After each one of them hugged me they all sat down though for some reason Federico was holding my other hand that wasn't removed. I don't know why, but it felt nice. I even saw he was back to wearing the bracelet i gave him.
"So seeing Federico back i can see you guys did succeed in your mission.", I said.
"Yeah Sue, it was hard at first but somehow we pulled through.", said Andy.
"But that does raise a question though Susan, why did you go to Fire Phoenix even though we told you to stay behind?", asked Tachio.
"I didn't intend to follow you guys... I only went after David, you see I sent him a letter telling him i was going to be in Fire Phoenix with you guys, but after you guys declined me going i was on my way back to my room when Haruna went off to give David the letter, so I was pretty much stuck not going back to my dorm and then when I heard David had gone off to Fire Phoenix I had to follow him there..."
"I see. But what exactly did happen to you and the other exchange students? From what we were told they were kidnapped.", asked Chessly.
"Well I was by myself for a while in the nation, it wasn't until I nearly lost my life to this person named Okikurmi that David rescued me. Turns out while you guys were trying to get Federico back this group called The Bennu was in the nation as well. Most of the exchange students went to help defeat them, I ended up getting separated from David when that Okikurmi person attacked me again and look at what's happened to me, my left arm is gone! I only awoke a couples minutes ago seeing I got teleported back here, and seeing as how none of them aside from Nikki returned, they all failed... And now my schoolmates and my boyfriend are missing... And who knows what could be happening to them now..." Tears starting to roll down my face, Andy quickly hugged me and i let go off Federico's hand and griped the back of Andy's shirt and started crying again.
"Susan, I know you've been through a lot, but you're not alone. All of us here along with the other students, we will help save everyone.", said Federico. I let go off Andy and wiped my eyes off.
"Thanks you guys." I let out a slight yawn.
"Guys I think it's best we let her rest up. We can all see her tomorrow.", said Hope. They all bid farewell to me, but before I left Decker put a Popplio pocket monster plushie on my bed, he said they all went and picked out one for me before they came. I held it and laid back down on my bed. The road to recovery was going to be long but I knew we all had to soon be ready for the long battles that would come. David... I'm coming, just try to hang in there.

Susan Maria Season 2: Ch. 15 Recovery
New Chapter yay. Also this is the last one of the arc.

Today Susan is in the hospital after nearly losing her life, again.

Inspired by The Emerald Chronicles by :iconzutzucrobat55:

Some characters are owned by :icondarkwolfwavius: credit to him for part of the chapter

Chapter 14: susanlucariofan16.deviantart.c…
Chapter 15: HERE



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